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The English Lady Team,
We could not be happier with our amazing patio! The entire process went so smoothly. Ian’s design sense is beyond compare. HGTV would be hard-pressed to come up with a more talented designer. I would not be surprised if one day I open up an issue of Veranda and see a pictorial of Ian’s work. It’s that good. In addition to having an aesthetic sixth sense, he has cultivated a team that carry out his vision to the letter.

The crew was excellent and took painstaking care with every detail. What struck me most is the level of craftsmanship from every single member of the team. Anyone can hire a “landscaper”. Finding a true “craftsman” is rare and an altogether different experience.

We look forward to more projects!
Lisa & Dave Hartford CT



As we sat out on our patio for the first time, we couldn’t believe that we were actually sitting in our yard. We never thought that anything could be done with our yard, and therefore, we never wanted to even sit outside. Now we not only enjoy being outdoors, but I open my kitchen curtains every day just so I can look at my garden from the inside. The workmen did an excellent job, and always cleaned up after every days work.  Thank-you so much for everything.  We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Kathleen Plainville CT


What A Great Group of Guys!!
Just wanted to say thanks, again, for the beautiful walk and front garden you and your crew did for us. It is so nice, and we’ve gotten great comments from friends and neighbors. I’ve attached a photo of your wonderful team of workers, who took great pride in their work, and in making our front yard look marvelous! We are very appreciative of their skill and workmanship. We look forward to having you return in the future to continue to enhance our home.

Best wishes. Earle and Anne  West Hartford CT


Just a HUGE thank you to Ian and his team for the incredible transformation of both my and my mom’s front yards.  What peace of mind it gives me to look out the window and see tidiness, style and order where chaos (and plain old general MESS) once reigned.   My house in particular actually looks welcoming.  Not having to mow the slope at mom’s is a dream come true.  I got so much more than I anticipated.  Ian is a pleasure to work with and his team is wonderful – clean and tidy and just about the hardest working bunch I’ve ever seen.  And Ian is usually right in the thick of things with them.  To all of you awaiting your first experience with the magic that is The English Lady Landscape, boy – are you in for a treat! 

With much gratitude – Karen West Hartford CT


Ian, where do I begin in thanking you for the amazing transformation that happened in my living room. After much angst in just deciding I wanted to add color to the room you were the right person to guide me through this process. I had an idea for color but nothing else. Your ideas and thoughts just kept flowing making it very easy to trust in your abilities. I loved how you used things throughout my house to create a totally different look and feel so I could stay within my budget. My living room is now very intimate and cozy. I simply love it!!

I can’t say enough good things about your crew. All were extremely neat, polite, and took great care with my property. And what hard workers as they went non stop!! It certainly showed that they took great pride in their work, as they should. I love the team approach so they go in and get the job done in a timely manner.

I need to add another great thanks for the beautiful work you did on my front steps. The old brick was crumbling and becoming a safety issue as the mortar was all broken and the columns and brick were pulling away from each other. Once again you held my hand and I trusted your suggestions on what type of stone would work as well as match and enhance my property. The results are fantastic and give the house an entirely different look.

Once again your guys worked diligently, even in the pouring rain, to complete this project. All was done with care and precision. Your guys were even thoughtful enough to stop working and move their cars while the street sweeper went by in front of my house. How’s that for service !!!

I know our paths will cross again as I hear my landscape calling your name.

Thanks so much Ian and until next time….

Robin G. Westerly, RI


Ian, I can’t thank you enough for my gorgeous new garden. You are the perfect blend of designer and hand holder. As you know I had four different companies doing work here before The English Lady and each time I wasn’t heard. You listened, took my ideas seriously, made them better in almost all cases, gave me the benefit of your (I now happily confess) superior knowledge, and gave me a design that was so beautiful that I couldn’t believe we were discussing my budget.

The crew was fastidious about my property. They were unfailingly polite and really terrific fun to have around. We will have to have a redo on the Guacamole Party! The work was done on time and with great care, and as it unfolded, you kept me informed every step of the way.

We are into winter now, but I still go outside when the lighting comes on and enjoy the the “bark” of the Shadblow tree that you knew I would love. The Paperbark Maple tree is a beautiful focal point where you planted it offset in the corner, and the new patio is warm and welcoming. I can’t wait for spring when it blossoms into a true “English garden.”

You are the best, my friend! But it is not “thank you and goodbye” since I’ll see you in the spring for more adventures in the interior.

Pam S. Westerly RI


It is the first day of November and I am sitting out in my garden that I love. A wonderful transformation took place here recently, orchestrated by Ian, his design artfully and thoughtfully executed by his workmen. Very polite gentlemen, who when invited in for coffee and cake, very carefully removed their shoes.

Ian promised me a water feature and I agreed to let him surprise me. I now have the most wonderful fountain, a cherub, with a shell dish and column, all reminding me of my trip to Italy, when I visited my Grandfather’s little village, high in the hills of northern Italy.

My beautiful little garden is located in my side yard, on the land where my Grandfather planted his orchard of peaches, pears and apples. I recall following him, as a child, through the orchard as he lovingly tended to the trees (even stopping at times to speak to them) encouraging them to bear the wonderful fruit that they did.

I will spend many enjoyable days peacefully sitting and thoughtfully remembering the times spent in the orchard that is now my garden.

Thank you so much Ian for having the talent, creativity and skills to provide me with these halcyon days. Your attention to detail is remarkable, you provide just the right garden for just the right person, seeming to know my preferences as an old friend would.

Madeline S. South Glastonbury CT
A very long overdue thank you to Ian and his crew. I could not believe the awful conditions the team worked in – pouring rain, mud and cold. And they did so happily! They took an overgrown, weedy brown hole left by the departure of my dilapidated deck and turned it into a beautiful patio with lots of planting space and endless possibilities. They took concrete stairs that I’ve been wanting to get rid of for 17 years and turned the space into a lovely entrance to the patio. The new walkway from the front of the house to the patio, not part of my original thoughts, is my most favorite thing. It’s wide, stable and wonderful and a grand addition to my sorely neglected yard. I so enjoyed running up and down it this summer – a silly thing I know, but true none the less.
Ian kept me well informed at every step of the way, making sure he made contact with me every day which I appreciated. His team left the site clean and tidy (no small feat considering the weather) when they were done – you could hardly tell they were there. I appreciate that once the contract was signed, the price didn’t move. There were no surprises when we were done.

I can’t wait to use my patio more, to do some planting in my beautiful new beds and to move on to the next phase. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Karen S.  West Hartford CT


Home Living Connecticut magazine calls Ms. Haseley-Jones “a charming Brit who designs some of Connecticut’s most distinctive gardens.”

The New York Times says “one of life’s most unexpected experiences is discussing manure with an English Baroness…”

Connecticut Magazine says, “We’ve always assumed landscape designers to be such tweedy types. Our mistake, there is nothing tweedy or reserved about Maureen Haseley-Jones, aka The English Lady.”


Just wanted to offer my thanks on behalf of my family for the wonderful job Ian and his crew did recently at my house. We were having an issue with some stone steps and realized it was time to stop band-aiding the problem and fix it right. We also needed some much needed help with a planting bed adjacent to the steps. Ian was right there when I called the first time, literally. A kind, confident voice picked up when, I was used to leaving messages for others that were never returned. We talked for a while and I told him what we were looking for and set up an appointment for him to come out. He arrived on time and took the time to listen to our ideas for what we wanted and more importantly, our budget. Ian really worked within our limits and the results were amazing. We trusted his judgment and design eye and we were not let down. We’ve received many compliments on the work and our neighbors were amazed that Ian would actually call us from time to time afterwards to check in. He was always available for a call or e-mail. What I would also like to point out here is Ian goes above and beyond in his approach. You really create a bond and it shows he really cares about what he does. The extra tips, insight, and professionalism truly demonstrate he really does have “manure in his veins”. We have some more outside projects in mind and we will most assuredly be calling Ian back. I would not hesitate to tell anyone out there; if you have landscaping projects, give Ian call. You really will be glad you did.
Thanks again Ian!
Dave S.  Berlin CT

Ian and Maureen,
Just to let you know that we are really enjoying your landscape work in our yard this winter. I can’t believe what a good feeling it is to see it when I go out, even with the snow on the ground. And the lighting is great at night. Spencer loves it too, he has lots of sights to sniff around and check when I take him out. We continue to get compliments on your work. Betty ran into a friend from down the street the other day, who couldn’t stop raving about how good it looks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Hall and Betty, Old Saybrook CT


Hi, Ian,

We wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the work done by The English Lady.  Your team was great to work with as our landscaping work was done.  Everyone was extremely professional and responsive to our needs.  Not only did we enjoy the process, but our neighbors did too–you included them in the building process and communicated with them frequently.

We can’t say enough about how you have transformed our yard.  It is a pleasure to come home everyday to enjoy your hard work.  We rarely used our backyard before, and now we’ve gained a whole new outside room! Despite the fact that the work is done, we are very appreciative that you will be following up with us throughout the years to come to ensure that our gardens remain beautiful and healthy!


Craig and Heather     Middletown CT


Hi Maureen and Ian,

I just had to send you a note regarding my landscaping the past few nights. With having the plants around the waterfall trimmed back, the effect of the moonlight (full moon) on the cascading water was absolutely breathtaking, gorgeous, mesmerizing! It was hard to pull myself away! Many thanks again for an ever-changing landscape with so many surprises! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if I don’t here from you before!

Carol, East Lyme CT


Dear Maureen and Ian-

As you know, we engaged your services as a result of the numerous landscaping challenges which our property presented, including maintaining privacy in a busy area, accommodating a new hot tub, and capturing the best views of a brook and waterfall.  We want you to know that your design, creativity, experience and vision all blended together to achieve all of our objectives.  You listened intently, understood our aspirations, and masterfully implemented a tremendous plan.

We had a blast working with you and your entire team showed exceptional professionalism which is so hard to find today.  We are continually excited with all the emerging growth and we have never used our yard so much nor enjoyed it as much.  It truly feels like we are on vacation in our own back yard.  Perhaps the greatest compliment to you, though, is that everything looks as if it always belonged.  Keep up the good work!


Bruce and Dee , Chester, CT


Ian & Maureen-

Sorry I had to cut you short on the phone yesterday because I really didn’t get a chance to let you know how so very pleased I am with the work that has been done. Its absolutely beautiful! I wish you could see the smile on my face when I get home – everything is wonderful!

Thank you so very much!

Carol V- Niantic, CT


Dear English Lady-

Thank you so much for our English Garden! You would not believe how many compliments we get on it! I would also like to thank you for working so well around the plants that I had already started-I do get attached, you know. Your staff was very efficient – I could not believe how fast the garden went in. The drip irrigation is a lifesaver, too. They save us a lot of aggravation and time. Thanks again for the lovely garden. Although I love to garden, I don’t really have the time. This one is great because it is so low maintenance, all the plants that you put in took, and if I want to add anything to the garden, it will only be a choice plant or two because the garden is already so full! Thanks again.


Andrea I. , Owner, Cloud Nine Catering, Old Saybrook, CT

************************************************************************  Dear Ian-

I love my gardens. Please say hello to mom. The design ideas and implementation are great. We are so very pleased with your professional approach towards such a beautiful and creative endeavor. My friend will be calling soon to get you to their home.

Thanks again.- Barbara V. West Hartford, CT


We used the services of The English Lady in the fall of 2003 for Landscape Design & Installation as well as lighting. We met several times and were very pleased. All our desires were taken into account with a detailed final design. The day arrived and many polite, strong workers transformed our front garden into a delightful reality from paper. Ian was on site to oversee the progress as well as install the lights. The lights were an afterthought and we are so pleased. The garden has a soft glow at night as well as enjoyment during the daylight hours. We are pleased.

Roxie & Tom G., Old Lyme, CT


Words cannot express how so very pleased I am with the work that has been done. I thought my chin was going to hit the steering wheel when I drove to the back of the house and saw the new walkway – I was in such awe! I had to smile this morning when I lifted the shades in my bedroom to such a beautiful view below! I’m running out of ways to say how beautiful everything is developing. My parents were visiting me this weekend and they too were in awe – they just kept saying one word – BEAUTIFUL!

Caroline , Black Point CT


I have nothing to ask and nothing of import to say except I’m a big fan of yours and just love you and your sense of humor. I first became aware of you when you started appearing on WRCH and now look forward to your segments. I was hoping to see you at this weekend’s Flower and Garden Show in Hartford but alas, missed you. Best of luck and success in your business.

~Anne N~


Dear Maureen & Ian,

Thank you very much for all the work you have done on my gardens. It looks beautiful and everything is filling in nicely. I especially appreciate the spring maintenance. The pruning and feeding of all the plants and mulching in all the beds makes such a difference to have it done professionally. Ian did a great job and it has been a pleasure

working with both of you. Please feel free to use my name as a reference with any of your prospective clients.

Best Regards,

Margaret L.- Simsbury, CT


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  1. Thayer T. says:

    Huge thanks and kudos, Ian, to your crew who cleared Dad’s driveway after the “big” snow. I was in no condition to shovel more snow after 3 days of my own clearing, and the beautiful job your crew did was so welcome. They were efficient and quick — and it made a huge impact on my Dad as well. He was extremely appreciative of the job they did. 20 inches is a lot of snow, and thanks to your crew, I didn’t have to worry about Dad trying to do the job. Many many thanks!

    I will definitely recommend your services!


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