Our Aim

DSC00043 Having been in this most rewarding field of landscape design and construction for nearly two decades in New England, we’ve come to realize that quality work, exemplary service, and thoroughly skilled expertise is a rarity in today’s home service industry: That the days of doing it right the first time, knowing in intimate detail all aspects of your craft, and servicing your client beyond expectation, have often been replaced with skimming a corner here, sacrificing quality there, or even doing it altogether wrong.

At The English Lady Landscape & Home we honor our clients by  fully realizing to task the high standards we have set for ourselves. Our name means everything to us and we stand by our work, not just for a year but forever. Call us a throw back to a more innocent time in history when a company’s work ethic IMG_0019 and their reputation to do what they said they would was paramount. This was a time when companies truly cared about their client’s dreams, needs, and expectations.

For The English Lady this time has come again, and we adhere to the above respectfully. We have made it our company mission to make sure that all of our clients get exactly what they’ve paid for, the first time, without having to sacrifice anything of substance and value in the process. We value the relationships we build with our clients because it is our valued name that goes into everything we do.

IMG_0005-1 Yes it is true that we all like to maximize the quality for the money we spend and this is why The English Lady believes that when it comes to something as important as the home you live in and love, that our team provide fastidious, professional work while respecting your budget. It doesn’t matter how many phases it takes to complete your whole project as long as each phase is done correctly, the first time.

Equally important to our high standards is that we listen to our clients, giving them exactly what they want and creating exactly what they need. We give the same consideration and pride to all of our projects whether it is a small garden or room remodel or A kitchen makeover for Pam a complete transformation.

Although a picture can speak a thousand words we believe our clients say it even more beautifully in the countless letters and e-mails we receive each year. We want is to come back to take a picture the next year and all the years that follow.

The English Lady Landscape & Home family thanks you for your consideration and hopes your projects are an inspiration that you and your family will enjoy and take special pride in throughout all the years to come.

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