Renowned landscape designer Maureen Haseley-Jones is continuing her lecture series titled ‘Garden Earth’ to reconnect people’s hearts and hands with the nourishing energy of Mother Nature’s life giving gardens. Also known as The English Lady, Ms. Haseley-Jones is a sought after and highly respected lecturer, writer, and radio gardening expert heard monthly on WRCH Radio Lite100.5 FM by thousands of dedicated fans throughout Connecticut and the world.

In her naturally humorous and upbeat manner, The English Lady will teach how each of us can oxygenate our environment and feed our souls in a co-creative and symbiotic relationship with the Earth. She will teach not only how to create a beautiful garden that flourishes but more importantly how to maintain it organically and without the use of harmful poisons. But even closer to her heart, The English Lady will discuss ways in which we can, through our garden’s living spirit, become grounded in our bodies, inspired to reach beyond them, and connect at a deeper level of our beings with the meaning and purpose of Mother Nature and her changing seasons.

The English Lady recognizes that now, more than any other time in our history, people need to make conscious choices about their health, lifestyle, and homes. This is imperative not only for mankind, but our planet as well. “We are inexorably entwined with the earth” she says. “People need to know that even the smallest gesture of a garden has positive affects and rewards on the environment.”

Sara MHJ showWatch The English Lady on television on Life & Style With Sara,an engaging and informative program hosted by the lovely Sara Conner. This talk show will teach you all that you need to know about gardening inside and out as they discuss trends, tips, and tools of the landscape, garden, and indoor garden. Click here to begin enjoying these delightful programs.

The English Lady is available for clubs, groups, and gatherings. For information and to schedule a lecture please emailTheEnglishLady@TheEnglishLady.com