The English Lady | Organic Landscape Design


LADYBUG LOGOAs the lead designer for The English Lady I meet with people who have concerns about the environment, their home, and the economy.  We are in a time of great change and now is the time, more than any other, to take the opportunity to replenish your heart, mind, and soul.

You see, when we think about investing in a property it is really an investment in ourselves. Our emotional bank account is as important as our financial one and it is this emotional one that takes the most withdrawals and fewer deposits. An investment in your property not only replenishes your emotional bank account, but nurtures the planet as well, and in turn feeds the economy.

We at The English Lady believe that in a mindful and balanced manner, Office low while respecting your budget, you can have an  organically inspired design that can help you find that respite from the daily grind.

No matter what project we design, from a small garden, walkway, fountain, or patio or a complete transformation, we often hear the same thing from our newly content and relaxed client; “we should have done this years ago.”

Please take the time to invest in yourself by planning ahead, phasing in your project, and smiling as you inhale a breath of clean air contributed by you and your garden to Mother Nature. I look forward to meeting with you. ~ Ian


pool perennial closeup